Sky Tavern
Jan 19, 2022
Yale Spina -Chairman, Board of Directors
Sky Tavern

Yale grew up in Reno and is the grandson of Rocco Spina, former Reno Parks and Recreation Director, and one of Sky Tavern's founders.  Yale grew up skiing at Sky Tavern and credits his successful 17-year career competing in pro-mogul and acrobat worldwide to his lessons learned here.

Sky Tavern is home to the Junior Ski Program that was established in 1948 when local skier and schoolteacher, Marce Herz, wanted to offer an affordable way for local kids of limited means learn how to ski.  Herz believed that winter sports were good for everyone, but especially for children.   73 years later, it's the largest and oldest program of its kind.

Since its inception, more than 100,000 local youth have learned to ski on Sky Tavern's slopes and developed important life skills along the way.  Reno's only skiing Olympic Gold Medal winner, David Wise, got his start as a Sky Kid.  During these uncertain times in our post covid world, Sky Tavern has been doing much more than teaching kids how to ski.  They have been building their confidence, teaching time managment and inspiring them to meet their fears as they create relationships that last their lifetime. And, they make it fun!

Yale will speak to us on behalf of Sky Tavern and it's important role in our area's economy and it's future.